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Grizzly Mum with Yearlings in the Grizzly Maze Cooling off in the Athabasca River »

The most well tempered Grizzly Mum with her Yearlings in the Grizzly Maze has to do a dance between protecting her cubs from other Grizzlies, navigate a very high human traffic area, as well as insure they all get nutrition. Here, GrizzMa finds a safe space to cool off in the Athabasca River on a hot day.

16 month Old Grizzly Cub Siblings Wrestling in Jasper, Alberta »

16 month Old Grizzly Cub Siblings Wrestling in Jasper Alberta today. (HD). We've been so lucky to witness these cubs learn and grow last year.. into this year. You can see them in our videos of last year, when they were in their 1st year. This Grizzly family has spent the majority of their time in the last 2 seasons not far from people in the Park, of course requiring delicate attention. We hope to witness them grow to full maturity as they continue to be some of Jasper's favorite ambassadors.

Grizzly and Her Newborns - First Sighting »

Our First encounter with a special Grizzly Mother and her newborn cubs this year. She is such a patient and well tempered Grizzly sow and we are now lucky enough to witness her with her second set of Cubs over the last several years. It was an exciting day as we were not certain she was okay over the Winter, but clearly she was. Grizzly Bears produce only two or three cubs every three years and their survival rate is unfortunately very low. Everyone in this location of Canada's Rockies will be Cheering this family on in 2020!

Cutest Newborn Grizzly Bear Cubs - Then and Now »

So glad we can immortalize these special moments. An amazing Grizzly Bear Mother with her playful newborn cubs and the following year as yearlings(now).

New Grizzly Bear Mum with 3 Tiny Newborns Appear in the Grizzly Maze »

This is a first appearance of this new Grizzly Bear Mum and 3 tiny cubs of the year. We did not know this Bear and she was quite elusive to the other 20+ Grizzly Bears that also occupied this territory. Their story has just begun and we hope they are able to find lots of nutrition and safety in the immediate.

Grizzly Bear Mum with very Healthy Newborn Cub First Appears »

Grizzly Bear Mum tends to her nutritional needs while the healthiest newborn Bear Cub(cub of the year) we have seen makes a first appearance. Unfortunately, this grizzly cub does not have a sibling to play and "practice" with, but it shows the benefits of the food advantage a single cub has. This grizzly bear cub is not only very well fed, but seems to be very relaxed close to Mum.

Grizzly Cubs of the Year Playing and Exploring Canada's Rockies »

Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year Playing and Exploring Canada's Rockies in 2020. These two Grizzly cubs are so entertaining to watch while they Play. Cubs of the year mainly focus on three things.. Mother's milk, Exploring/learning, and Play!

Grizzly Mother and Cubs feeding on an Elk Carcass in Athabasca River - Jasper, Canada Rockies »

Grizzly Mother and Cubs feeding on an Elk Carcass in Athabasca River - Jasper, Alberta. Canada's Rockies - using some Digi-Zoom (sorry for the degradation). Many have asked us if this is an Elk or Moose and we believe it is an Elk, as this video demonstrates. Parks Canada protected the area to keep both people and the bears safe during the period that this family occupied an area commonly used by hikers and rafters.

Identifying Grizzly Bear Mothers in care of Cubs of the Year »

Identifying a Grizzly Mother in care of Cubs of the Year(COY) can be tricky sometimes as the Cubs are initially quite small, even blending into grass just a foot long, as you can see here. Grizzly Bear Cubs are born in their Mother's winter den while she is in hibernation(during January or February). Just a few months later, Mother Grizzly will emerge from her den, guiding her new cubs out into her natural territory.

We initially thought this very mature Grizzly Sow was a Boar as she was large and no cubs were visible for several minutes. Not only was this beautiful Grizzly a Mother, but caring for three Cubs of the Year.

At 0:52, a loud flock of geese flew very low overhead, appearing to trigger a bit of confused defense behavior in Mum for a few seconds.. adding to the reasons why these beautiful wild creatures always require lots of room. (we apologize for some shake, it was an encounter not expected)

Grizzly Bear Cubs Clowning Around and Play Fighting »

Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year Clowning Around and Play Fighting in Canada's Rockies. You can find these cubs play fighting in our videos of this year now as well (2018).

Grizzly Cub & Cub Cute Construction Co. Demolition Services »

Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year enjoying a bit of the "Hand of Man's" playground. What should these Cute Cub's Demolition slogan be?

This Area's Most Adorable Grizzly Family Passing Through »

This area's most adorable Grizzly Bear Family as they pass through Alpine Village and the Rodeo Grounds. These Grizzly Bear Cubs of the Year never passed up on any time to explore and Play.

Cute Grizzly Cubs Learning to Climb »

These two Cute Grizzly Cubs of the Year are seen here working on their tree climbing skills. We found this moment to be pretty special so we thought we would share.

Gentle Hazing of a Grizzly Bear with Cubs in a Canadian Park »

Hazing Bears in Canada's Parks is intended to have an immediate response - to change the Bear's behavior and move them out of an area instantly. Hazing can be a one-time event or part of adverse conditioning, teaching them to give way when people are nearby. Bears are typically quick to learn and the more you are around them, the more you appreciate this. Gentle hazing methods as seen in this video include shooting bears with fish oil based paint balls, which serves two purposes.. to Save Bears' lives as well as keep people safe.

Grizzly Mum and her Tiny New Explorers »

A Favorite local Grizzly Mum with her New Cubs as they begin to explore their surroundings just out of hibernation.

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